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Grave Markers & Monuments

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Upright Headstones
Upright Headstones
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Over 94 Products
Standing Headstones
Standing Headstones
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Cremation Grave Markers
Cremation Grave Markers
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Memorial Cremation Pillars
Memorial Cremation Pillars
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Cemetery Benches
Cemetery Benches
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Granite Benches
Granite Benches
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Ledger Grave Markers
Ledger Grave Markers
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Over 7 Products
Slant Gravestones
Slant Gravestones
Starting at $1273.95
Over 8 Products

Specialty Grave Headstones
Specialty Grave Headstones
Starting at $2753.95
Over 48 Products
Cremation Headstones
Cremation Headstones
Starting at $1679.95
Over 7 Products


Cemetery Grave Markers, Monuments and Granite Bench Guidance and Information

For centuries monuments have been utilized to mark the final resting place of our dearly departed. As the years past and as modern technology advanced, the manufacturing process, materials, and style of these beautiful memorials have changed drastically. The grave markers of days past, which were usually made of a single material and only accommodated the most basic and necessary of information, have evolved to elegant tributes to life that can feature elegant bronze plaques, designs, and even additional images when desired.

For those who are uncertain as to what would be appropriate to place on a cemetery grave marker, there is really no short answer, as the information depicted is to be deemed appropriate by the family. In other words, if a family feels the information is adequate, then the marker would be appropriate for their needs. In order to determine what to place on a marker, we suggest to look at the lifestyle of the deceased as well as consider the wishes of the family. For example, if a person loved to be in the outdoors, say hiking or camping for example, then a design that featured a scene or symbol of the outdoors would be appropriate. If the family has a special nickname or saying that they shared with the departed, then the nickname or verse could be added to further personalize the marker. And for those who were more studious, an elegant yet simple design would catch the serious or reserved nature of the person. We also offer a large variety of emblems, which are clip-art type images that can be added to the monument. These emblems can even be utilized with the simple backgrounds to create a completely different appearance for those who cannot decide on a single design, or can't find one that seems to fit the personality of their loved one.

The best way to ensure that the grave markers created for a loved one is to work with your family and the wishes of the deceased. While, understandably, this is a difficult time for many, working through the marker options with patience and an open mind can even be a highly therapeutic experience, as you can ensure that the last tribute will fully represent the life of the deceased. With the large selection of options offered by our website, anyone is sure to find a combination that will create a memorial tribute that not only they, but many future generations can be proud of.

Grave markers are not only available with a variety of design options, but also a variety of shapes and styles as well. The most popular, is the two-part standing monuments. These cemetery headstones feature an upright tablet, or die, which is supported by a sturdy base, usually of the same color of granite. This style is the most traditional and perfect for families who are looking for a dignified and classic way to remember their loved one. The slant markers are a modern twist on the classic style, and feature a shorter top portion, that is usually beveled down from the back of the stone to the front. The beveled portion holds the information of the loved one, while the back and sides can be polished or left rough cut, for a rustic look. Both styles can be made to accommodate one, two or even more people’s information.


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