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Cremation Art & Art with Ashes

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Glass Art Keepsakes
Glass Art Keepsakes
Starting at $145.95
Over 210 Products
Art in Ashes
Art in Ashes
Starting at $247.95
Over 65 Products
Memory Glass Pendant
Memory Glass Pendant
Starting at $97.95
Over 26 Products

Cremation Touchstones
Cremation Touchstones
Starting at $173.95
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Cremation Ash Hearts
Cremation Ash Hearts
Starting at $145.95
Over 22 Products
Cremation Sculptures
Cremation Sculptures
Starting at $297.50
Over 19 Products

Cremation Glass Weights
Cremation Glass Weights
Starting at $274.95
Over 15 Products
Ash Memorials
Ash Memorials
Starting at $159.95
Over 4 Products
Cremation Heirlooms
Cremation Heirlooms
Starting at $299.95
Over 4 Products


Information and Guidance for Art Created with Cremation Ashes

Many are not aware that they are constantly surrounded by art. Simple things such as the design on your favorite t-shirt, to the architecture of the building where you live is in one way or another a work of art. Art is also an important part of our human history, as it is through this ancient skill that we have gained vast knowledge of how we as a species have developed over time. It goes without saying that, unfortunately, it is an underrated necessity that plays a role in almost every aspect of the world we live in. That said, it is very interesting that while art surrounds us our entire lives, it is now being incorporated like never before, to create distinctive and unforgettable visual tributes, at times of loss.

Cremation Art is a relatively new memorial concept that is gaining more popularity, especially as more and more people are turning to cremation for their final disposition. To create a piece of cremation art, an artist incorporates a small amount of cremation ashes into a stunning work of art. These pieces range from breathtaking paintings to whimsical sculptures and even ‘cremation’ jewelry. The variety of options offers a selection for just about any taste. For those looking for a discreet tribute to keep in their place of work, a glass paperweight in which the cremation ashes swirl mixed with beautiful array of colors would be ideal. There are also elegant, modern oil paintings for those wishing for a stately remembrance. While many of the pieces incorporate the cremation ashes permanently, there are also small keepsake sculptures, in which the family can place a small amount of ashes to create a remembrance that is appropriate for display in any setting. The keepsake creamtion jewelry is a small pendant or even memorial bead that can be threaded onto a bracelet. This wearable work of art offers a way to keep a small part of a loved one close at all times in a true masterpiece. These classic remembrances offer a way to memorialize someone in a way that is as unique as the person it is for, as well as the person it pays tribute to.

All of the pieces presented here are individually hand crafted, and you can truly see the passion that the artists pour into their work. also features the signature Art in Ashes, which is an interesting part of this creative new trend. With “Art in Ashes”, a prolific painter of modern art will secure a trace amount of cremation remains and then mix them with oil paint, which is then added as the perfect final touch to a special work of art. And because we understand the upmost importance that the work of art selected will have for the family or individual ordering, our artists carefully label each set of remains and work on their pieces individually. The result is an remembrance that is unlike any other.

These beautiful cremation ash memorials capture the pure energy of life, which is a wonderful way to celebrate a life well lived. These elegant works of art are perfect for anyone, whether they are an art lover or not. Because these works only require a small amount of ashes, they are also a wonderful way to keep and protect a small amount of ashes that have either been interred or scattered. Whether selecting an elegant oil painting, a beautiful glass keepsake orb or even a cremation touchstone, the work of art will create a stunning visual remembrance that will become a treasured heirloom for any generations.


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"The pet cemetery loved your casket as well, I gave them your address. The burial was very peaceful for my little Freddy. May he rest in peace."
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Marie Bolders

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