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Guidance for Equine Horse Urns to Create a Diginfied Tribute

Horses have long played an integral part in our history, and much of the development achieved by us has been largely due in part to these majestic creatures. It is estimated that horses have been domesticated for about 5,000 years, and possibly even longer, but regardless of when the species was utilized by man, our world would most certainly not be what it is today without their influence. Indeed horses have along and intricate history that is largely intertwined with our own. This alone attests to the importance horses play in our lives, even today, as anyone who has had the pleasure of working with equines will admit. Regardless if the horse in question is a co-worker or even family pet, the loss of such an animal can leave the survivors wishing to pay a very special final respect to a wonderful equine that that has given so much back in its life.

Horse urns offer a way to capture and honor the memory of a beautiful horse that will be as unforgettable as they were. These amazing cremation ash vessels feature a variety of designs that will help embody the free-spirited nature that horses represent. There are several designs featured in this selection, ranging from a breathtaking horse bust, to a whimsical yet realistic figurine, which is mounted on a wooden urn base. The horse busts are popular for families that are looking to create a remembrance of a horse with a very unique coat, as they feature either a metallic, or even rich, a black finish. The figurine urns, as mentioned, are three-dimensional statuettes of horses in natural stances, such as gracefully grazing, galloping freely, or even elegantly rearing in a show of true majestic beauty. The figurine urns are not only three-dimensional, but beautifully finished in full-color, and the base that showcases them serves as the ash urn. The urns presented in this wonderful selection are smaller than was is needed to hold an entire set of horse cremation ashes, and are often used as 'keepsake urns', which hold a small portion of the remains to create a peaceful remembrance of the beloved horse. This option leaves the remaining ashes free to be either scattered, spread, or even interred in an area that he horse loved to roam.

No one can deny the rustic and majestic elegance horses represent. Something about these beautiful animals has always moved and inspired us. Whether it be their gentle natures, or handsome features, there is no question that these gorgeous creatures can create quite an impact, especially on those who live and work hand-in-hand with them on a daily basis. With that said, it is certainly understandable how one could feel the need to honor the life of a horse, and even pay homage to all that it contributed to back. The remarkable horse urns can help create a peaceful final tribute to a truly unforgettable companion.

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"It is always difficult when a loved one dies. The loss can be tremendous with a long path toward healing. Many difficult decisions must be made and the decisions for the deceased must be final - you can't go back and do a do - over with choices of coffin, headstone, etc. Realizing this, I waited until I found the most perfect headstone for my precious Mother. She was very precious and dear to me. I cannot express into words how good I felt when I found the perfect icon for her headstone. If she were standing before me I know she would have approved our choice. I looked at many headstones and was often discouraged. It was so very easy to work with the folks at that I have spread the word to other unfortunate folks that have lost loved ones. From the folks that take the information to the typesetter that creates the design - Thank you. My family and I are very pleased with the product that we have purchased for our beloved Mother. I wonder if you realize what a heartfelt service you offer and how much it helps the families. Thank you."
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Carol F. Williams

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