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What is a Memorial Tree? Dedicate a Tree to a Loved One!

William Wordsworth, an English romantic poet once said, "Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher." This quote strikes one as truly profound, in that there is no doubt that we constantly strive to create, expand, and improve all of our surroundings, whether they be a new technological advancement, or an innovation to help improve our homes. The study of nature has helped bring forth several of the advancements that we take advantage of today, and for that, it is only natural that we not only honor our surroundings, but incorporate them into our lives and memories. One beautiful way to do this is with natural memorials, as opposed to traditional memorial methods such as headstones or large stone monuments.

Memorial trees can help create a beautifully natural memorial to honor a lifetime of memories, or perhaps even a special person or event. These beautiful trees, with respect to mother nature and all of her bounty, are not actually made from natural materials, such as trees or wood. Instead, they are made out of a durable, cast stone, which realistically replicates the rugged exterior bark, and smooth yet lined inner bark. The result is a earthy and long-lasting memorial that will withstand the elements much more resiliently than any natural tree can. The cast material is created to not only withstand the weather, regardless if it is sunny days, rainy afternoons, or bitter cold nights, but also to look more natural over the passage of time. As the elements work on the surface of the tree, the patented color process that is utilized ensures that the tree does not fade, but instead deepens in the crevasses, and lightens on the exposed surfaces. This replicates how the natural tree would react in response to the changing climate. Unlike natural trees, however, the cast stone retains its shape and composure, to ensure the memorial is both elegant and durable. One of the features that makes these memorials truly extraordinary is that these trees can be outfitted with a discreet cremation chamber that will hold one or two sets of cremation ashes. The chamber is attached to the underside of the three, and for the flatter versions, recesses into the ground. The chamber is made of a durable PVC material, to protect the contents from the elements. This helps make these trees wonderful memorials that celebrate life and nature, and are ideal for anyone who truly enjoyed being outdoors.

Wood has long helped the survival of many. From being utilized as a source of fuel and heat, to using it to create shelter, we have always relied on this natural resource for a variety of needs. It only stands to reason then, that a material that has been such a constant source of life for us, can also be used to commemorate an event we feel is truly noteworthy. While that is so, the cast memorial trees not only honors a special loved one or occasion, but also our natural surroundings, in that no trees are harmed to create these beautifully rustic and unforgettable tributes.

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