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Pet Memorial Rocks and Stones and why they bring you Peace

Samuel Butler once said, "Animals know the point of life is to enjoy it." Any pet owner can definitely attest to the truth in that statement. Our pets provide much more than simply entertainment to us, and just as much as we teach them, they certainly teach us. We had a customer who had told us that she had never really notices, let alone appreciated, the beauty around her when doing simple things like taking out the trash or walking to get the mail. After she got a dog, she was out significantly more, and really began to notice the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the gorgeous blues of the sky, and the calming and enriching smell of the earth and grass. After the passing of her beautiful dog, she still noticed these small things in her surroundings when doing small tasks outside, and always remembered her lost companion because of them. Her dog not only taught her to notice and appreciate the world around her, but the memory of her dog was a constant reminder to do so as well.

Our pets are almost always happiest when they get to be loose and free in their environment. Their playful natures and endless energy is only amplified with they get the run of the town, so to speak. In that, many feel the most appropriate tribute to honor the memory of a lost companion is one that can be enjoyed in the outside. Pet memorial rocks offer a variety of elegantly sculpted tributes that create exquisite outdoor memorials to honor the memory of any pet. These rocks are actually made of resin, but have the look and feel of natural stone, and the earthen tones will elegantly compliment any garden or landscape. They feature a beautiful, rustic column that is topped off with a sculpted pet bust. The pet bust at the top of the stone is available in a variety of different dog breads, to perfect capture the essence of the pet. Also available is a whimsical cat bust, that is perfect to represent any feline friend. The bust features a 'collar' at the bottom, that is outfitted with a ring, onto which the pet's tags can be placed for ultimate personalization. The column also features a memorial cremation chamber in the simulated-wood base, that will hold and protect the ashes of any lost companion. These elegant pillars will certainly help capture and pay tribute to the memory of any pet.

The loss of a truly loved pet can be one of the most devastating events that anyone can face. When we live with a pet, they incorporate themselves into our lifestyles, and when they, unfortunately, must go, a void is certainly felt in the wake of the loss. While nothing can quickly or easily fill the void in our hearts, the collective memories that come back one by one can help to slowly fill it once again, in time. A beautiful pet memorial rock can serve as a constant and gentle reminder of the happier moments shared with our lost companions.

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"I was surprised by the urns I saw in funeral homes when I was looking for my parents. They were extremely expensive and I thought they looked quite "cheap" and frankly, tacky... more like brass than bronze. So I spent a lot of time looking at decorative urns not specifically for cremations and bought one to try out. It couldn't be sealed well. So finally I found "Sarcophagus" and ordered one in the bronze with black contrast and one that was gold plated. Both were nice, but I liked the gold one best hands down! Returned the bronze one, no problem (unused, of course!!) and bought a second gold one. A nice surprise, when the second one arrived, it was a nice, paler, slightly rose gold, where the first was a more "bold" gold. So the rose gold was for my mother and the more masculine one for my father. Couldn't have found anything I would have liked better! Customer service was unbelievable!! So nice and helpful! Thanks everybody for your help."
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Patricia Norwood

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