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Should I send a Sympathy Card to a Friend who lost a Pet?

Pet owners who have, unfortunately, suffered the loss of a beloved pet are often astounded by the amount of grief that such loss can induce. It is true that it can be hard to realize how much something means in your life until it is gone, and the loss of a companion animal is a perfect example of that. Suddenly a friend that was at our side at all times is gone, and the void that is left in their absence is certainly greatly felt. One of the worst parts of this type of ordeal is that many often do not realize how greatly such a loss can affect the surviving family of the pet. Those who are grieving for a pet are often confronted with statements such as 'it was just an animal, you can get another one', which can even make them feel as if the grief should be downplayed. Friends and family may have the best intentions at heart, not even realizing that such statements are not only not accurate, but can also be hurtful, as it could cause the individual who is grieving to feel as if they don't have the right to mourn for the pet. In reality, the pet that is lost was a constant part of the individuals life, and one that brought great comfort and joy at that, so the loss of the pet should certainly be mourned.

With that said, many pet owners who have lost a beloved companion animal often have a small memorial of some type, and may even have a small service for the pet that friends and family members wishing to show their support can participate in. When that is the case, one of the most interesting pet memorial innovations can certainly help create an unforgettable tribute to the lost companion. Pet sympathy cards offer a way for the mourning individual to thank their friends and family for their support. These wonderful cards are made of pressed parchment, that has botanical seeds infused. The card can be planted, and will bloom into a wonderful living tribute to the lost pet. Simply put, this is truly a heartwarming way to honor the memory of any pet. Just as the pet was truly special in the lives of all those that they touched, the bloom will be a special memorial piece among the garden. The fact that the this creates a living memorial of the pet is also very comforting, as it can be seen as a wonderful symbol of how the love and memories created with them will never be forgotten.

It certainly goes without saying that the loss of a pet can be a devastating situation. One simple way to show a loved one who lost a pet that they have a source of support to turn to is to simply be there to listen, whether they are recalling happier moments shared, ranting, or even if they just need a shoulder to cry on. With that said, a beautiful set of pet sympathy cards can offer a way to thank those around for their support, and also share the memory of a companion that was nothing short of remarkable.

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