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Frequently Asked Questions about Cremation Urns

Please review our FAQ for any questions you might have about our Cremation Urns. If you can not find the answer here please go to our Help Page and e-mail us.

What do the urns weigh? 
How do I get the ashes in the urn? 
How do I know if all of the ashes will fit? 
How do cremation urns open? 
Do you recommend sealing the urn?
Can you tell me what a keepsake urn is? 
How do I know which urn can be engraved by
Who would you recommend for engraving my urn?
Can you send me an urn catalog?
Is there any guarantee on the urns?

What do the urns weigh?   Back
The weight of an urn will vary from urn to urn and depends on the material used to make the vessel, as well as the size. The weight of every urn is listed in the 'Product Detail' section of the page featuring that item.

How do I get the ashes in the urn?    Back
For the most part, a lot of families are able to transfer the ashes from the temporary vessel into the urn of their choosing on their own. Usually, the funeral home places the ashes in a plastic bag that can be taken out of the temporary box and placed directly in the permanent urn. For those who do not feel comfortable handling the ashes, we recommend speaking with your funeral home, as they may be able to transfer the ashes into the urn for you. Some families even have the urn shipped directly to the funeral home, so the ashes can be placed directly in it, instead of the temporary vessel. If your family is planning to make this type of arrangement, we do strongly recommend letting the funeral home know of your plans, so they are aware that the urn is to be delivered to them.
How do I know if all of the ashes will fit?    Back
Our basic rule of thumb regarding the capacity of an urn is 1 cubic inch (a little less) per 1 pound of body weight.  For example, if your loved one weighed 200 cubic inches in their healthy weight, they would need an urn that held at least 200 cubic inches. Typically, an adult person would need an urn that held at least 170 cubic inches.

How do cremation urns open?    Back
The opening of an urn depends on the design of the urn. For example, a vase-shaped urn may have a top opening threaded lid, whereas an urn that is box-shaped may have a back or bottom opening plate that attaches with screws. The opening of the urn is listed at the end of the description of the page featuring that specific item.

Do you recommend sealing the urn?    Back
Some urns have openings that are very secure, for example a bottom opening threaded plug, in which case further sealing is optional, but not usually necessary.  For those who have an urn on which the lid just sits, or simply wish to further secure their urn, we recommend a small amount of silicone-based adhesive, which is usually available at your local hardware store (i.e.: Wal-Mart or Home Depot).

Can you tell me what a keepsake urn is?    Back
A keepsake urn, also known and a token urn, is a small urn that is intended for only a very small amount of remains. These small urns are perfect for an office or if you scatter the ashes and would like to keep a small amount for yourself. Customers who decide to split the ashes up amongst siblings or family members would also use a keepsake-sized urn. With a keepsake urn you can create a small, personal memorial for your loved one.

How do I know which urn can be engraved by    Back
Any urn that can be directly engraved will list an option for engraving on the page featuring that item. For those that cannot be directly engraved, or if you would simply prefer to personalize the urn but not directly, there is a link under 'Helpful Links' on each page, that will take you the personalized engraving plaque and easel options.

Who would you recommend for engraving my urn?    Back
In certain cases where an urn is engravable, but we do not have an engraver at that location, or if you have purchased and received your urn but did not opt for the engraving at that time, we would recommend checking with your local trophy shop or even jeweler to verify if they are able to engrave the urn.

Can you send me an urn catalog?    Back
Our only urn catalog is the one listed online. We do not keep printed catalogs as we are constantly adding and updating our items, also this helps us keep our prices as low as we can and helps reduce paper waste. We do try to list all of our items with as much information as possible, but if you come across an item you have further questions on, just give us a call and we will gladly answer any questions you have.

Is there any guarantee on the urns?    Back
We guarantee the urns to be without any defects. Please read our guarantees on this subject.


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